Saturday, September 22, 2007

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

Interesting news for those of you who can't make it KC for the US Championships this December:

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships: "Portland Oregon will play host to the inaugural World Championship event of Single Speed Cyclocross.

The Portland Single Speed Collective (PSSC) dutifully presents the Official UnOfficial World Championship event for single speed cyclocross racers. Held in tandem with a Cyclocross Crusade race , the SSCXWC is a two-day event including a time trial qualifier on Saturday and the Grand Boucle on Sunday. Festivities to follow each day.

  • Saturday 11 November 2007: Single Speed Cyclocross Time trial. Perhaps the only TT with intermediate time bonuses, creative racers will benefit using their skills in Sketchy Aero Bar descending, Saddle-less riding, saddle-less aero bar riding, silly steep climbing, bunny-hopping a 6-pack barrier or bunny-hopping with a 6-pack, derby and others.

  • Sunday 12 November 2007: The Big day. The Championships will be a one hour cross race in the notorious Estacada Timber Bowl. Mud guaranteed, rain highly likely, more spectators than a Belgian Cross race and almost as much beer. Laps will roll through the beer garden and crowds will be heckling. Only one man and one woman will leave as the Single Speed Cyclocross World Champion.

Registration is available online through BikeReg. Check back often at" (Via Race Cyclocross!)

This sounds like a worthwhile reason to visit our northern neighbors.

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