Monday, September 24, 2007

2007 Sacto CX #1

So last weekend was the first race in the revamped Sacramento CX series . . . and I was in Mumbai, India (Doh! Damn job). However, through the magic of the intertubes, but I did see the course tracks via GPS:

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Hopefully, we'll see some photos and results soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

Interesting news for those of you who can't make it KC for the US Championships this December:

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships: "Portland Oregon will play host to the inaugural World Championship event of Single Speed Cyclocross.

The Portland Single Speed Collective (PSSC) dutifully presents the Official UnOfficial World Championship event for single speed cyclocross racers. Held in tandem with a Cyclocross Crusade race , the SSCXWC is a two-day event including a time trial qualifier on Saturday and the Grand Boucle on Sunday. Festivities to follow each day.

  • Saturday 11 November 2007: Single Speed Cyclocross Time trial. Perhaps the only TT with intermediate time bonuses, creative racers will benefit using their skills in Sketchy Aero Bar descending, Saddle-less riding, saddle-less aero bar riding, silly steep climbing, bunny-hopping a 6-pack barrier or bunny-hopping with a 6-pack, derby and others.

  • Sunday 12 November 2007: The Big day. The Championships will be a one hour cross race in the notorious Estacada Timber Bowl. Mud guaranteed, rain highly likely, more spectators than a Belgian Cross race and almost as much beer. Laps will roll through the beer garden and crowds will be heckling. Only one man and one woman will leave as the Single Speed Cyclocross World Champion.

Registration is available online through BikeReg. Check back often at" (Via Race Cyclocross!)

This sounds like a worthwhile reason to visit our northern neighbors.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New CX Rides From Kona

Kona announces their 2008 CX bikes:

... The Jake is the entry-level bike, and the one that most plays to the all-rounder tag. It's clearly CX-shaped, with Avid Shorty 4 canti brakes and Maxxis Locust tyres. But the FSA Gossamer MegaExo chainset comes equipped with three chainrings, marking the Jake out as more of a recreational/utility bike than a CX racer.

Next step up is the Jake The Snake. It shares the butted 7005 aluminium frame of the Jake but teams it with a carbon fibre 'cross fork (rather than the Jake's chromoly Project 2). You also get a racier spec, with a CX-specific version of the FSA Gossamer chainset, Mavic Aksium wheels and Shimano 105 drivetrain.

Top of the tree is the Major Jake, Kona's 'cross team race bike. The frame is butted Scandium alloy, with an Easton EXC90 carbon fibre fork. Wheels are Mavic Ksyrium Equipes, tyres are Maxxis Raze and transmission is a blend of Shimano Ultegra and 105.
Pictures are available over at

Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Sacto CX Site and Calendar Update

Sacramento Cyclocross has their new site up and operational. It has a bit of news about the change in leadership this year and some good links -- most interestingly to the preliminary calendar:

  • Sunday, September 23rd: Hagin Oaks
  • Saturday, October 13th: West Sacramento
  • Saturday, November 17th: Granite Bay
  • Sunday, November 18th: Granite Bay
  • Saturday, December 1st: Beales Point
  • Sunday, January 6th: Sutter’s Landing
Interesting mix of venues this year. And very interesting that everything is more or less in Sacramento (either Folsom or Sacramento proper). I wonder if Penn Valley, Ione and Vacaville will have their own CX series.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June CX Bike O' Month

As we hit a lull in the mountain bike racing season, my thoughts have turned to cyclocross and specifically getting a new CX bike. Not that my Scott Cyclocross Team isn't a fine bike, just want to look around to see what's out there. This is always really difficult, even in NorCal since so few stores even no what a CX bike is. So, I thought I would highlight a few easy to buy rides while we wait for the season to start.

My attraction this month is a bike with a fine pedigree and a good price:

Bianchi Cross Concept

Your Price: $1,489
37% off $2,349.99 msrp

I like the specs: scandium frame with carbon rear triangle, carbon fork, Shimano Ultegra mostly drive train and WTB tires. It's also one of the few CX rides that you can get over the Internet, in case your local dealer doesn't carry them.

Next month, I'll look at an American CX bike from Cannondale.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2007 CX Schedule Is Coming ...

The Northern California Nevada Cycling Association has published the preliminary 2007 NorCal Cyclocross (CX) race calendar.

It looks like they have tried hard to harmonize the schedule across all the different CX racing leagues. Most of the series have fewer dates, but none of them overlap. From a discussion over at the Sacto CX forum, it appears that a lot of work has gone into this:

So here is an unofficial skinny on changes to come. Things are still in flux so bear that in mind.

The number of races will be cut from 11 races to 6. This will minimize conflicts with other race series, but it will allow for an improved Nor Cal race calendar. Sacramento folks will have a chance to race in other locations without the worry of missing a local race. This also works in favor of racers from out of town that want to race in the capitol city.

The season will also be longer too since there are only 6 races. The season will begin in mid September as usual, but it will extend into January. Right when the pros are getting ready for worlds, we will still be racing.

There will also be modular teams that handle specific tasks at each and every race. These modular teams will be the same faces every time. They will know all of the details with respect to their assigned task. There will be a registration team, a course setup and take down team, website team, and any others that are needed. Sponsoring clubs will be providing the man power to assist these teams.
All good stuff, but I am not sure that I completely agree with the no overlap between the Sacto and Bay Area racers. Sure this helps out the Elite level racers a lot, but most lower level riders probably won't drive a few hours to these. It just means less race dates to them. I'll keep an open mind and see how it shakes out.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sac CX #10 MOVED !

Crap. It looks like they have to move the Sac CX series finale back a week due to some site problems. Now the finale will be December 9th, 2006 (not December 2nd) at Sutter's Landing Park in Sacto. Of course, this completely screws me, since I need to go back to Australia on December 2nd (and I had actually moved back my flight so that I could race . . .). Oh well, good luck to everyone and I'll see you next season.